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I have successfully worked with Graham from Poggesi UK for some years, Poggesi are a high quality Italian manufacturer of large umbrellas with the enormous benefit of the column being to the side, making them a true cantilevered product.
The ‘side arm’ makes full use of the available space under the canopy without interruption, giving you the maximum number of covers. Heaters and lights are easily retro-fitted for comfort and the maximum occupancy time, sensors and timers give you maximum energy efficiency.

Poggesi umbrellas are stylish, attractive and practical. They are available up to 5m x 4m.

MDT umbrellas are manufactured in Germany to a very high quality standard. They are a traditional ‘centre column’ design, which gives them a number of benefits:
• Larger canopies
• Integral wiring within the column
• Heaters and lights protected high up in the canopy

If you require the very large umbrellas, up to 10m diameter and above, I can supply these by request and will quote you.

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